FreedomPlus Personal Loans Review

Good for: Good credit, consolidating debt, co-signers

Based in San Mateo, California, FreedomPlus is a personal loan provider that was founded in 2013 as a division of the Freedom Financial Network. FreedomPlus issues loans to consumers using a proprietary approval process that weighs traditional underwriting factors such as credit scores and involves an informal, human-to-human discussion about an applicant’s specific needs. In this manner, FreedomPlus makes it affordable for responsible individuals to borrow anywhere from $7,500 to $35,000, even if they lack a lengthy credit history.

FreedomPlus loan rates & terms

APR range 6.99% — 29.99%
Available loan terms 24 to 60 months
Loan amounts $10,000 — $35,000
Time to fund As little as 48 hours
Origination fee 0% – 5%
Credit needed 640+
Income needed $30,000+
Soft Credit Check? Yes
Best for Borrowers with good personal credit, debt consolidation, co-signers
Co-Applicants Accepted? Yes
Direct Pay-Off to Your Creditors? Yes
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How Does FreedomPlus Work?

For the most part, FreedomPlus reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and many of the lender’s customers applaud the company for its same-day loan decisions and the fact that requested funds usually arrive in borrowers’ accounts within 48 hours. Many FreedomPlus loan reviews also include complimentary comments about how the company looks beyond FICO scores when evaluating the creditworthiness of an applicant, taking into account other factors that demonstrate financial responsibility. On the other hand, some FreedomPlus personal loan reviews left by aspiring borrowers decry the lender for denying funds to applicants with less than spotless credit.

In terms of FreedomPlus loan requirements, the lender typically prefers FICO scores of 640 and above, though they have been known to approve applicants with scores closer to 600. A clean credit record — even if it’s relatively thin — is a must, as late payments are likely to disqualify you from getting approved. Other than that, all you need is a bank account and a government-issued ID to secure a FreedomPlus personal loan.

How FreedomPlus Compares

FreedomPlus Vs SoFi

Lender APR Loan Limit Learn More
Loan Limit:
5.99% – 16.99%
Loan Limit:
Up to $100,000

*Terms are for unsecured loans and may vary for secured loans.

FreedomPlus offers same-day loan decisions, and approved borrowers can usually access their funds in as little as 48 hours. And although FreedomPlus will accept applicants with FICO scores starting at 640, you’ll have a better chance of qualifying for a loan with a score of 670 or above.

But it’s not just average borrowers who stand to benefit from a FreedomPlus loan. Individuals with exceptional credit can take advantage of lower APRs with FreedomPlus compared to the rates offered as part of many other debt consolidation options. Discover and Wells Fargo, for instance, respectively charge a minimum of 6.99% and 7.24% on consolidation loans, while FreedomPlus’s APRs start as low as 6.99% with terms of two to five years.

That said, less-qualified loan applicants — or those who fail to keep their FreedomPlus account in good standing — are likely to pay higher interest rates than they would with the aforementioned lenders, as FreedomPlus reserves the right to charge borrowers as much as 29.99% compared to the maximum 24.99% charged by Wells Fargo and Discover. It’s also important to note that FreedomPlus charges qualified borrowers an origination fee that ranges from 0–5% of the loan amount.


FreedomPlus personal loans have a lot to offer borrowers who are looking to get their hands on some cash right away. Here are five advantages that distinguish FreedomPlus from other popular loan providers.


There aren’t many drawbacks to taking out a loan with FreedomPlus, however, applicants who lack a long credit history will likely pay greater interest rates compared to their more-experienced counterparts. Only borrowers with excellent credit scores will qualify for the best rates. Also, FreedomPlus isn’t necessarily a great option for students or recent grads looking for work because an annual salary of at least $30,000 is required for all borrowers.

How to Apply for a FreedomPlus Loan

Applying for a FreedomPlus loan is a simple process that takes mere minutes. All you need is a bank account, a government-issued ID, and verified source of income. Here’s how to get started.

  1. Go to
  2. Use the slider in the center of the screen to select the amount you wish to borrow.
  3. From the drop-down menu select what the loan is for.
  4. Next, select the range your credit score falls in, and choose your state from the following menu.
  5. Finally, provide your name, email address, and phone number, then click “Get My Loan.”
  6. Complete the application process, and get your money in your bank account within 48 hours.

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Freedom Plus Disclosure

All loans available through are made by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey State Chartered Commercial Bank, Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender. All loan and rate terms are subject to eligibility restrictions, application review, credit score, loan amount, loan term, lender approval, and credit usage and history. Eligibility for a loan is not guaranteed. Loans are not available to residents of all states – please call a FreedomPlus representative for further details. The following limitations, in addition to others, shall apply: FreedomPlus does not arrange loans in: (i) Arizona under $10,500; (ii) Massachusetts under $6,500, (iii) Ohio under $5,500, and (iv) Georgia under $3,500.00. Repayment periods range from 24 to 60 months. The range of APRs on loans made available through FreedomPlus is 6.99% to a maximum of 29.99%. APR. The APR calculation includes all applicable fees, including the loan origination fee. For Example, a four year $20,000 loan with an interest rate of 15.49% and corresponding APR of 18.34% would have an estimated monthly payment of $561.60 and a total cost payable of $7,948.13. To qualify for a 6.99% APR loan, a borrower will need excellent credit on a loan of $15,000 with a term of 24 months, and qualify for at least two of the following discounts: (1) add a co-borrower who has sufficient income; (2) use at least fifty percent of the loan proceeds to directly pay off existing debt; or (3) show proof of having at least forty-thousand dollars in retirement savings – contact FreedomPlus for further details.

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