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As an adult, you have to make decisions every day that affect your short- and long-term life plan. Whether you promise to get your third-grader a bunny if she gets all A’s or opt for a second salted-caramel Frappuccino, your daily choices add up – literally. Even the small details can have major impact on your bank account over time. ... read more
If the balance on your credit card keeps going up, you’re not alone. Americans are charging more than ever, with the average household credit card debt just over $8,000.¹ While paying down balances can be overwhelming due to high interest rates, balance transfer credit cards can not only make the process faster, but it can save you a lot of money if done correctly. ... read more
PrimeRates is revolutionizing lending for borrowers and lenders by integrating lead sourcing at the underwriting level. For consumers, that means personalized, real-time offers with a higher likelihood of approval. For lenders, it means improved pull through, pricing and positive select along, as well as robust analytical and testing capabilities. Our platform, coupled with our expert, independent and objective personal finance content and education and sophisticated marketing will redefine lead sourcing. read more

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