If you’re suffocating under a mountain of debt, you might be wondering if consolidating debt could help your situation. Indeed, debt consolidation can be a great way to cut your interest expenses and reduce the number of bills you're paying. It can also help you create a roadmap to get out of debt. But is a personal loan or balance transfer credit card better for debt consolidation? ... read more
Debt consolidation allows you to roll multiple account balances into a single debt. That leaves you with one big payment instead of multiple. The hope is that it will make your debt easier to manage, and help you to pay off your debt more quickly. But those are just a couple of the potential upsides. In fact, there are probably more benefits of debt consolidation than you realize. ... read more
Whether you went wild with holiday shopping or were hit with unexpected medical bills, it can seem scary to conquer the mountain of debt you’ve accumulated. You’re not alone, of course: Millions of Americans share your struggle. Fortunately, debt consolidation loans can help you can scale that mountain of debt.  ... read more