Offain Gunasekara

Offain Gunasekara is a digital marketing strategist based out of sunny West Palm Beach, FL. Some of her work can be seen on and Fox Business. She is a proud mom to a beautiful girl and a huge Lakers fan.

navigating personal loans and credit

Q&A with Robert Hartwig: Navigating personal loans and credit

If you’re shopping for a personal loan, you’ve likely been shuffling through lender-to-lender comparisons and trying to decipher financial jargon. We get it — it’s a daunting task. But with so many lenders in the market, it’s crucial to understand everything that’s involved in obtaining a loan. And understanding how personal loans and credit work together is one of those things.  …

setting small-win financial goals

Q&A with Preston D. Cherry: Using small-win financial goals to achieve big outcomes

When it comes to achieving long-term goals for our personal finances, it can sometimes be difficult to see the end outcome. And figuring out what steps to take in order to reach that goal can be somewhat mind numbing. But according to our expert guest, Preston D. Cherry, using small-win financial goals may help us to hit the bigger ones.  …

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