Emily Gerson

Emily Starbuck Gerson is a full-time freelance writer based in San Antonio, Texas, and she has been writing about personal finance for over a decade. Her writing has been published in Business Insider, USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, The Chicago Tribune, CNBC, NerdWallet and many other websites and publications. She holds a communications degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Besides personal finance, her passions include LGBTQ rights, travel, music and dim sum.

Articles by Emily Gerson

Upgrade vs. Prosper personal loans

When you need a personal loan, perhaps for making home improvements or consolidating debt, your first instinct may be to head to the bank. But traditional financial institutions have high overhead, resulting in slower loan processing, and sometimes, higher fees and interest rates. … Upgrade vs. Prosper personal loansRead More » read more

How to get a personal loan

Sure, it’s ideal to always have enough savings in the bank for life’s major expenses, such as medical bills, home improvements or paying off credit card debt. But sometimes life happens, and you need to get a personal loan in order to afford something important. … How to get a personal loanRead More » read more

Petal: The new credit card for people with no credit

Many of us take having a credit card for granted, but for millions of Americans, these financial tools are out of reach. Fortunately, there's a new credit card for people with no credit coming to the market.   … Petal: The new credit card for people with no creditRead More » read more

Credit card basics: How credit cards work

It’s nearly impossible to get through life without knowing a little about how credit cards work. Celebrity-studded commercials and ads for these little pieces of plastic are everywhere, possibly even cluttering up your mailbox. … Credit card basics: How credit cards workRead More » read more