Mariner Finance Personal Loans Review

Good For: Bad Credit & Secured Loans With Collateral

Depending on where you live, the name “Mariner Finance” might not be among the first institutions that spring to mind when you think about personal loans. But just because this lender hasn’t achieved the same level of brand recognition as other companies in the industry doesn’t mean it’s not a solid option for some borrowers. In fact, many Mariner Finance reviews rave about the quality of this lender’s service.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mariner Finance personal loans, this review will tell you everything you need to know about whether this lender might be right for you — or if you should look elsewhere.

About Mariner Finance

Unlike many of the other lenders featured on PrimeRates, Mariner Finance is an actual brick-and-mortar bank. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, this institution has more than 450 locations across 22 states. The company prides itself in delivering first-class customer service, which many Mariner Finance loan reviews attest to. But which type of borrowers are most likely to benefit from doing business with this lender?

Mariner Finance commonly edges out competitors when it comes to helping borrowers with bad credit secure the funds they seek. In fact, Mariner Finance bad credit loans have helped many people with limited options escape tight spots and move on with their lives. And another area where Mariner shines is when it comes to secured loans, in which a borrower offers collateral to reassure a bank of repayment. Many lenders in today’s marketplace don’t accept collateral, but Mariner Finance does in certain circumstances.

To help determine if Mariner Finance might be just the lender you’re looking for, let’s review their rates, fees, and other terms.

Mariner Finance Loan Rates & Terms

Minimum credit score required: 600
Minimum income: No specific amount stated
Credit utilization threshold: None specified
Loan amounts: $1,000–$25,000
Interest rate (APR): 24%–36%
Origination fee: Varies by state
Late fee: Varies by state
Prepayment fee: None
Time to funding: ~1 day
Repayment terms: 1–5 years
Hard or soft credit check: Soft
Best For: Bad Credit, Secured Loans – Cars, Boats & Even Homes
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Mariner Finance Personal Loan Review

  • Interest Rates — Let’s face it: Mariner Finance interest rates aren’t exactly the lowest in the industry. But for people who barely satisfy the minimum credit score required to take out a loan, this institution might be the only one that approves them.
  • Cosign and Secured Loan Options — If your credit score is an eyesore, there’s a chance that the only way you’ll be approved for a loan is if you either recruit a cosigner or put up some significant collateral to show a lender you’re serious. Fortunately, Mariner Finance specializes in working with borrowers who fall into these categories. So if your past financial habits are wreaking havoc on your present-day prospects, Mariner Finance could still offer you viable options.
  • Bad Credit/High Rates — If you’ve made your fair share of mistakes when it comes to your credit, Mariner Finance can overlook your past errors and help you get the funds you seek. It’s true, you’ll pay above-average interest rates compared to Mariner Financial’s competitors, but, hopefully, this will incentivize you to pay more attention to your money moving forward.

How Mariner Finance Compares

Among the multitude of lenders who work with bad credit applicants, Mariner Finance is frequently compared to three particular competitors: OneMain, Avant, and LendingPoint. To help you see how these lenders stack up against each other, here’s a quick look at their basic rates and terms.

Mariner Finance vs OneMain

  • Interest rate (APR): 17.59%–35.99% (9.99%-35.99% for secured loans)
  • Loan amounts: Vary by state
  • Minimum credit score: None

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Mariner Finance vs Avant

  • Interest rate (APR): 9.95%–35.99%
  • Loan amounts: $2,000–$35,000
  • Minimum credit score: 580
  • Minimum income: $20,000 annually

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Mariner Finance Vs LendingPoint

  • Loan amounts:$2,000–$25,000
  • Interest rate; 15.49%–35.99%
  • Repayment terms: 2–4 years

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Mariner Finance Pros and Cons

As you can see, Mariner Finance doesn’t have too many advantages over these other companies. But that’s not to say a personal loan from this institution isn’t worth applying for. Here’s a breakdown of some pros and cons you can expect from Mariner Finance.


  • Physical branches: Mariner Finance has physical branches where you can talk to a loan officer face-to-face. This could help if you’re in a tight financial spot and need to explain the intricacies of your situation to someone who can sympathize with you.
  • Cosigned and secured loans: If your credit isn’t good enough to stand on its own, you have options, including cosigners and secured loans, that many other lenders don’t offer.
  • Fast funding: Approved applicants can have money in their accounts in as little as one business day.
  • Optional insurance: If you’re worried about losing your job while repaying your loan, Mariner Finance offers optional credit insurance to protect you in the event of a worst-case scenario.


  • High rates: Without a doubt, Mariner Finance’s interest rates are among the highest in the industry. And while that doesn’t always mean you’ll pay more with Mariner than you will with other lenders, you almost certainly won’t pay less.
  • Physical branches: In some cases, applicants are required to visit a physical branch in order to gain approval for a personal loan. Depending upon how far you live from a Mariner Finance location, this could be extremely inconvenient.

Mariner Finance for Bad Credit

Mariner Finance specializes in providing personal loans to borrowers with less-than-stellar credit. Even if you’ve filed for bankruptcy in the past, Mariner Finance may still be able to help you secure the funds you’re looking for. And if poor credit prevents you from obtaining a loan on your own, you can consider finding a cosigner who can increase your odds of getting approved.


If you have bad credit and need funding fast, you’re likely going to have limited options. Mariner Finance will no doubt be among them. Their online application process takes mere minutes to complete, and funds could be deposited in your account in as little as one day.

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