Honeymoon Loans

Average cost of a honeymoon

Although a honeymoon typically doesn’t cost as much as a wedding, the combined expenses of airfare, hotel rooms, tour packages and other trip necessities can really add up.

Couples spend an average of $4,466 on their honeymoons, according to’s “Honeymoon Facts and Figures” list. 

For the 15% of honeymooners taking high-end luxury trips, this average increases to $9,954.

Some couples decide to spend weeks or even months honeymooning, while some opt to take just a few days. With the average honeymoon lasting for eight days, most soon-to-be newlyweds find themselves planning and budgeting for a vacation lasting just over a week.

What Is A Honeymoon Loan?

After the wedding is set, the next exciting step is usually to plan out the honeymoon. With honeymoons taking up an average of 14% of overall wedding budgets, paying all of the up front costs of the trip may create a strain on some couples’ wallets.

To ease the immediate financial stress of paying for their dream vacations up front, couples have the option to borrow personal loans to fund their honeymoons and repay the expenses in a series of installments. Many lenders even allow applicants to list a honeymoon as their reason for using the loan.

While a personal loan for a honeymoon may seem like an easy way to fund a more luxurious vacation than a couple could previously afford, potential borrowers should also keep the terms and APR of any personal loan in mind. Although honeymoons sometimes last for just a week or two, depending on the loan agreement, it can take years to pay off the debt.

If you’re considering a personal loan to fund a honeymoon, take the time to compare different rates and offers from various companies to find the most affordable one for you.

Ways to finance your honeymoon

Wedding loans and lines of credit

In addition to personal loans for weddings and honeymoons, some borrowers turn to credit lines to finance their big trips.

A line of credit can be a budget-friendlier option than a personal loan because it doesn’t allow the borrower to withdraw more than what they need at that moment. They also typically have lower interest rates than credit cards.

With newlyweds managing a lot of potentially new expenses such as moving, buying a new car or new home, having another loan or line of credit to pay off at the start can put more financial stress on a couple.

That’s why when you’re looking for a wedding loan or line of credit, you should find the one with the shortest repayment term that fits with your budget, in order to pay it off as quickly as possible. If you can’t find a product that you can afford to pay off relatively quickly, it may be a good idea to reconsider your honeymoon plans and adjust the expenses.

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Credit Cards

Credit cards, especially ones with travel rewards, can be another affordable to way to fund a honeymoon, and can sometimes provide perks that couples wouldn’t ordinarily get by paying for the trip up front or with a personal loan. Some cards offer sign-up bonuses for opening a new card, while others offer airline mileage points and other vacation rewards.  Couples can also pool points from multiple cards to pay for their airline tickets or hotels.

If you’re considering this option, make sure that you’re able to manage the minimum spending requirements to be eligible for the rewards. You should also be able to pay the debt off in full in a timely manner to prevent any extra fees from accruing.

Lenders That Offer Honeymoon Loans

If you do decide that taking out a personal loan to fund your honeymoon is the best option for you, there are a few companies you can keep in mind while you are shopping around for a good offer:

Company Loan Amounts
Prosper $2,000 to $40,000
LightStream $5,000 to $100,000
LendingClub Up to $40,000
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Prosper offers personal loans ranging between $2,000 and $35,000 with loan repayment terms between three and five years and APR starting at 6.95% for highly qualified applicants. To be eligible for their loans, you should have a minimum credit score of 640 and a debt-to-income ratio below 50%.


LightStream offers personal loans between $5,000 and $100,000 with minimum APRs starting at just 3.99%. Although their APRs tend to be lower, approval for their loans can be difficult to obtain for borrowers with credit scores under 680.


LendingClub’s loans range between $1,000 and $40,000, with APRs starting at 6.95%. Their personal loans can be a good option to consider for borrowers with credit scores above 600.

Alternatives to a honeymoon loan

Save up

Saving for your honeymoon can be a more cost-effective way to pay for your trip than taking out a loan. Establishing your honeymoon budget based on your income six months to a year in advance may give you enough time to set aside funds on a monthly basis, instead of planning just a few months in advance.

Allowing enough time to save and plan can not only help you build the funds that you need without borrowing, but it can also net you some great early bird deals on travel packages, hotel reservations or airline tickets.

Mini Moon

If you already stretched your budget paying for wedding expenses, you can choose to take a long weekend honeymoon for three to four days and plan to take a longer trip when you have been able to replenish your savings.

Honeymoon registries

Gift registries are increasingly being replaced by honeymoon registries for couples who want their guests to make contributions toward their big trips instead of their homes. Services like Wanderable, Honeyfund, Traveler’s Joy and Zola help couples set up their online honeymoon registries. Soon-to-be honeymooners have a range of contributions that they can set their registries up to accept, ranging from cash-only contributions to accepting tour, spa or travel packages.

While shopping around for the right registry, couples should make sure to first check if there are any fees or charges associated with setting up the registry or receiving contributions, as some of the platforms charge credit card fees.

Lower the cost of your honeymoon

If you’ve looked at all of your honeymoon financing options and none of them feel right for you, you can always take some steps to simply reduce the cost of your trip. Speaking with a travel agent may help you find better deals and sculpt your vacation budget, while researching which locations and hotels offer seasonal or early bird discounts can help you secure a significantly better deal on flights or lodging.

Couples can also consider planning destination weddings. Instead of having the wedding in one location and the honeymoon in another, why not organize everything in one place? Destination weddings can give the couple and their wedding guests a travel experience in an exciting location while also cutting down on the overall cost of the big day.

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