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Our teeth are directly linked to our personal and whole-body health, so it’s vital that we treat them properly. Unfortunately, however, dental care can also be some of the most expensive health care and is often not covered by general insurance plans. At some point, you may find yourself in need of a procedure or treatment that you just can’t afford out of pocket. That’s where dental loans come in. Let’s take a look at how you can finance your dentistry. 

What is a dental loan?

A dental loan is a personal loan or line of credit that borrowers take out to finance a dental procedure, whether that is a tooth whitening, a surgery or even getting a whole new set of chompers. 

Dental Loan Pros & Cons


  • Can help you finance a necessary or elective procedure
  • Can be quick to fund with online lenders
  • Depending on your financial qualifications, you may be eligible for financing with relatively low interest and flexible repayment terms
  • Can help you get the best treatment and dental care


  • If your finances aren’t looking too good, loans can come with high interest rates
  • Can negatively impact credit if payments aren’t made on a timely basis
  • Collateral may be required on larger loans

Can you finance dental implants?

No matter where you’re located, getting dental implants takes cash. Patients may be looking at shelling out up to $10,000 for a full set — an amount that is difficult for many individuals to manage out of pocket. Luckily, there are several online and traditional lenders that will issue loans to fund medical and other expenses. 

When to consider a dental loan

If you’re in need of a dental procedure that isn’t covered by your insurance or comes with a deductible that is just too high, you might need to consider a dental loan. Before that, however, make sure to check in with your dentist to see if there are any affordable payment plans that their office offers. Payment plans may be more affordable than personal loans because they often come with low to no interest. 

How much does dental work normally cost?

Dental work can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. A standard teeth cleaning can cost between $70 and $200 out of pocket, while more complex treatments such as dental implants and root canals can range into the thousands.

What is needed to qualify for a dental loan?

Due to the rise in popularity of online and alternative lenders, borrowers across a range of financial qualifications now have access to large amounts of funding. To ensure that you get the best rates and repayment terms, however, your credit score should be above 680 and you should have a strong annual income. If you don’t meet these requirements, however, it still may be possible to find an affordable lender who will work with you. 

Dental Financing & Loan Options

Now that you’ve figured out the cost of your procedure and the amount of financing that you need, you may be trying to decide what kind of lender to go with. Here, we’ll go over some of the potential options.

Personal Loans


  • Borrowers across a wide range of credit scores and income streams may qualify
  • Can help you finance your goals if you can’t afford out-of-pocket payments
  • Possibility of flexible repayment terms
  • Online lenders often offer a simple application and payment processes
  • Fixed monthly, weekly or daily payments


  • Can strain personal finances if minimum repayments are too high
  • Can come with high APRs that greatly increase the overall cost of the treatment
  • Can negatively impact credit and put assets at risk if payments aren’t made on time
  • Repayment terms may be inflexible for borrowers with average or poor credit scores


APR range 7.99% — 35.89%
Available loan terms: 36 and 60 months
Loan amounts: $1,000 — $50,000
Time to fund: One day
Origination fee: 1.5% – 6%
Credit score needed: 620
Income needed: n/a
Soft Credit Check? Yes
Best for: Those with a steady income

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  • Easy, online application
  • Hardship programs
  • Considers cash flow more than credit
  • Rates as low as 7.99%
  • Lender also offers a line of credit
  • Loans typically take around one business day to fund


  • Late fee of up to $10
  • Origination fee between 1.5% and 6%
  • Rates as high as 35.89%
  • Borrowers are required to have a free cash flow of at least $800 per month


APR range 4.99% - 16.79% w/AutoPay1
Available loan terms 24 to 144 months1
Loan amounts up to $100,000
Time to fund As soon as the same day**
Fees Origination fee: None
Late fee: None
Prepayment fee: None
Credit needed 660+
Income needed n/a
Soft Credit Check? Varies
Best for Borrowers with good credit, long credit history, co-signers, debt consolidation, home improvements

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  • Accepts co-signers
  • Access to amounts of up to $100,000
  • Rates as low as 3.99%
  • Longer repayment terms than many other online lenders
  • No origination, late or prepayment fees
  • Loans can fund as soon as the same day


  • Rates may be higher than with a traditional bank or lender
  • May be difficult for new borrowers to qualify, with a minimum credit score requirement of 660
  • Hard credit pull on loan applications

Short Term Loans


  • Easier for low-credit, low-income borrowers to qualify for than traditional loans
  • Often come with short funding times
  • Easy to apply for through online lenders


  • Often come with daily or weekly repayments
  • Shorter repayment periods may mean much larger payments
  • Can perpetuate a cycle of debt if payments cannot be made on a timely basis
  • May come with high annual percentage rates

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  • One application gives borrowers access to a wide range of lenders
  • One to two business days to fund
  • Borrowers with bad credit may qualify
  • Comprehensive customer resource section on the website


  • Loans may come with very high rates
  • Maximum repayment term of one month
  • Borrowers must be employed
  • Does not service many states



  • Borrowers have access to a range of lenders through just one online application
  • Easy to use website
  • Short funding times
  • Available in most states


  • Lawsuits and reviews indicate that many of MoneyMutual’s partner lenders charge exorbitant interest rates
  • Most loans must be repaid within an extremely short time period
  • Because repayment periods are so short, late payments could perpetuate a cycle of debt

Line of Credit


  • Can improve credit score quickly with timely payments
  • Borrowers only pay on what they use
  • May come with lower rates than a short-term loan
  • May come with more flexible repayment periods than a short-term loan


  • May come with higher fees than personal or short-term loans
  • More susceptible to fraud than a personal loan
  • Can encourage overspending


Getting dental work done is never fun, especially when you can’t afford it. Whether you have excellent credit or no credit at all, however, you are likely to find a way to finance the treatment that you need. Personal loans are one of the most common ways to do that, and can come with a wide variety of repayment terms and interest rates. Make sure that no matter where you fall on the credit and income scale, to evaluate multiple loan offers before deciding on the financing that’s right for you. 

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